HOTEL LOBBY DISPLAY- Vancouver , B.C, Canada

This Floral Display brings life to the entrance of a luxury hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Upon entering or exiting the hotel customers are greeted by different displays with uplighting from our Feelux Monorail product. Multiple Spot heads were used at the base with different beam angles. This allows the bottom top of the displays to be washed with a spotlight. Monorail track was installed at the bottom and these spotlights can be adjusted on the go with our magnetic clip-in system. These displays will change through the seasons. This track system’s ability to clip and unclip spotlights while also being able to change their location allows for an easy change when displays are updated. This saves on labor costs and transition time within the displays.


  • Monorail power track
  • Monorail MRS3 Spot H.O – High output miniature spotlights
  • Monorail Extrusion – MNR-EXL-BK-1.2M
  • FLC 75 Driver