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• Miniature lighting for furniture, showcase, museum
• Super slim design
• Constant voltage DC 24V driver
• Available in black (Special order option: gold, silver)
• Various beam angles (18°, 32°,46°)
• Dimmable


FLX Micro SPOT __MCR-SP1-XXK-24V-18-BK*
• Other finishes available as special order
Dimming Interface (0-10V) __FDC-L10
Max. 100W (100W/CH, 1CH) 0 -10V Signal
Dimming Interface (DMX512)
__FDA-L2MO (0-10V/1-10V, DMX512)
Max. 200W (100W/CH, 2CH)

__FDA-L5M (DMX512)
Max. 200W (50W/CH, 5CH)
Dimming Interface (DALI)
Max. 200W (100W/CH, 1CH)
Dimming Interface (Zigbee) __FDD-L2Z
Wireless Control (Zigbee Switch) __FSM-Z1
12 Port Hub
Included with Cord and Plug drivers.
Order separately for Hard Wire or
3rd Party Drivers
LED Drivers __ FLC30-24V/XL *
__ FLC75-24V/XL *
With distributor and power cord
1800mm (6′)
Metal Hard Wire Box for Drivers __ MHWB-FLE
Hard Wire Driver __XLD200-224V-FCL-DIM
__XLD75-124V-FC *
(90V to 300V)