FLXible Neon 2 Dual

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  • Bend direction vertically
  • Ultra Slim spot free illumination
  • Dimmable with 0-10V, Forward/Reverse Phase
  • Indoor and Outdoor Application
  • Field Cuttable (38.5mm) for customized length
  • Available in Standard Lengths of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5M reels
  • Tunable white

Various options

Powerfeed Type

Field Termination

FLXible Neon 2 Straight
Feed (Customized Length
FN2 SC-24V (5m)
FN2 SC-24V (4m)
FN2 SC-24V (3m)
FN2 SC-24V (2m)
FN2 SC-24V (1m)
FLXible Neon 2 Left Side
Feed (Customized Length
FN2 SC-24V-LS (5m)
FN2 SC-24V-LS (4m)
FN2 SC-24V-LS (3m)
FN2 SC-24V-LS (2m)
FN2 SC-24V-LS (1m)
FLXible Neon 2 Bottom
Feed (Customized Length
FN2 SC-24V-BS (5m)
FN2 SC-24V-BS (4m)
FN2 SC-24V-BS (3m)
FN2 SC-24V-BS (2m)
FN2 SC-24V-BS (1m)
Mounting Brackets FN2-BRACKET1 : 1set = 4pcs
FN2 Extrusion Line
Transparent Brakets FN2 - BRACKET1-T
Expanding Stick FN-EPS
Field Termination FN2-FTKIT-DUAL
LED Driver with 12way
distributor, with power cord
LED Driver : FLC200-
24V/T (200W, DC24V)
LED Driver With 12way distributor
Dimming Interface (0-10/1-
10, DMX512)
FDA-L2M0 : Max. 200W (100W/CH, 2CH)
FDA-L5M : Max. 200W (50W/CH, 5CH)
  Download Spec Sheet
Model Name Power Input Lamp Power Lumens (Full Brightness) Color Temperature Color Rendering Operating Temperature
FN2 SC-24V-1M DC 24V 19.2 W 867 lm 2,200K ~ 4,000K Ra > 80 -10℃ to 50℃

– IP Rate :

  • IP67 with Factory Termination (Customized Length Available)
  • IP65 with Field Termination
  • IP20 with Indoor Termination

Looking for additional information about us and our products? Below links are available for you to download/view additional brochure and technical Photometric information. You may need to download required programs to execute following extension files

  FLXible Neon 2 Dual SPEC SHEET   FLXible Neon 2 Dual IES FILES   FLXible Neon 2 Dual Wiring DIAGRAM