FLXible Neon Lens 3D

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– Flexible luminaire with optics.
– Bending direction both horizontally and vertically.
– IP 67 rating for outdoor and indoor application
– 90+ CRI Standard
– Various beam angles (20°, 35°, 45°, 20°x 40°)
– Field-cuttable 55.4mm (2.18”)
– 19W per meter (5.8W/ft)
– Tunable white version available (2200K-4000K)

Flexible Neon Lens 3D __FNL 3D-(color)K-24V-C90 (1M)
__FNL 3D-(color)K-24V-C90 (2M)
__FNL 3D-(color)K-24V-C90 (3M)
__FNL 3D-(color)K-24V-C90 (4M)
__FNL 3D-(color)K-24V-C90 (5M)
Flexible Neon Lens 3D (Bottom Feed) __FNL 3D-(color)K-24V-C90-BS (1M)
__FNL 3D-(color)K-24V-C90-BS (2M)
__FNL 3D-(color)K-24V-C90-BS (3M)
__FNL 3D-(color)K-24V-C90-BS (4M)
__FNL 3D-(color)K-24V-C90-BS (5M)
Flexible Neon Lens 3D Dual __FNL 3D-SC-24V-C90 (1M)
__FNL 3D-SC-24V-C90 (2M)
__FNL 3D-SC-24V-C90 (3M)
__FNL 3D-SC-24V-C90 (4M)
__FNL 3D-SC-24V-C90 (5M)
Flexible Neon Lens 3D Dual (Bottom Feed) __FNL 3D-SC-24V-C90-BS (1M)
__FNL 3D-SC-24V-C90-BS (2M)
__FNL 3D-SC-24V-C90-BS (3M)
__FNL 3D-SC-24V-C90-BS (4M)
__FNL 3D-SC-24V-C90-BS (5M)
FNL 3D Extrusion Line
__FNL 3D-EXL (1M)
ⓐ .FNL 3D Flexible Extrusion Line

ⓑ .FNL 3D Flexible Extrusion Line Louver
ⓐ .FNL 3D Flexible Extrusion Line

ⓑ .FNL 3D Flexible Extrusion Line Louver
ⓐ .FNL 3D Mounting Bracket

ⓑ . FNL 3D Angle Bracket
ⓐ .FNL 3D Mounting Bracket
__FNL 3D-BRACKET1(1set = 4pcs)

ⓑ .FNL 3D Angle Bracket
__FNL 3D-BRACKET2 (1set = 4pcs)
FNL 3D Silicon End Cap

FNL 3D Silicon End Cap
__FNL 3D-End Cap
FNL 3D Louver Kit (6pcs-1000mm)
__FNL 3D-Louver-BK
__FNL 3D-Louver-WT
A type: 3pcs / B type: 3pcs
Dimming Interface
Max. 100W (100W/CH, 1CH) 0 -10V Signal
Dimming Interface
__FDA-L2MO (0-10V/1-10V, DMX512)
Max. 200W (100W/CH, 2CH)

__FDA-L5M (DMX512)
Max. 200W (50W/CH, 5CH)
Dimming Interface (DALI) __FDD-L1DA
Max. 200W (100W/CH, 1CH)
Dimming Interface
__FDD-L20 (0-10V/1-10V)
*required for Dim to Warm/Tunable
LED Drivers
__ FLC30-24V/XL (30W)
__ FLC75-24V/XL (75W)
With distributor and power cord 1800mm (6′)
Driver Junction Box
Hard Wire Driver
(90V to 300V
Hard Wire Driver
Additional Power Supply/
Driver Options Available.
Please consult Factory.